DoOneThing - Single Task Manager App Reviews

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Best app ever for ADD

Love it ! Better than typical todo lists because you can’t lose it behind other apps. Its the second best thing to writing out you to-dos on your hand :p

Perfect for MITs

I use Todoist for typical task management, but this is perfect for setting my daily Most Important Task and keeping it visible across applications.

Thanks for the update

Dark mode looks great

Do one thing

This is an impressive little peice of work. Small app but very interesting. People often ask how could you put something up there on your status bar, to which i smile cunningly

Obviously So Nice

I just donwloaded this app and gave it five stars because I could tell in an instant how helpful or just pleasant this little app could be. But having updated to Yosemite the other day, I’m not sure if all it needs is an update, but I can’t get it to show in the menu bar! Sir Adam - Hope you can find some time to tweak it up soon my good man.

Great for focusing with Backdrop and Houdini

UPDATE: This app MAY crash and then not open again. If it happens, go to Go (hold down option key) > Library and find the doonething files and delete them all. Also uninstaill the program. Then reinstall and this should fix it. The bug may happen when your task is too many characters. I think that breaks the app. Other than that bug, this is an awesome app.

Great little app!

You can also use DoOne Thing to leave yourself a little message about anything you wish, a reminder, whatever. It’s a great little app that I would have gladly paid for. Great job Adam!

Just works.

Great little app! Feature request: Configurable hot key to bring up the Change window (i.e: Control + Space)


Dood !

Priority means first

There is no list. There is one thing. The one thing you have to do. This application will leave that one thing in your task bar until you say it is done. And it won't put something ELSE for you to do when you finished. Do your one thing. When you are done, it's gone.

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